The last time we gathered here I was full of such woeful tales and I didn't mean to leave you for so long with that shadow overhanging but an unintentional hiatus it was.  Amid those sorrow filled days I went down with the kids cold (it was a bit of a doozy) and thrown into the mix was the semi-crash of my computer.  Note to self... take notice of ones RAM before downloading the latest OS X from Apple.  Yeah, Yosemite, I'm lookin' at you, you big power junky!

All those things pointed in one direction.  Unplug - Walk Away - Rest - Recuperate - Regenerate - Restore.

The best part of my self-care project culminated in this past weekend while the kids had a two night (!) sleepover with their grandparents.  During their absence I had a movie date with my girlfriend, I slept in a lot, I drank warm cups of tea whilst knitting in bed, and I went to my first yoga class for this year!  Yoga and I go way back so this seemingly small thing was a very big step in the right direction and, oh, how good it felt to be back on the mat.  These are just a taste, but there were many more cleansing and good-for-the-soul activities.  I knew back when I wrote that last post how much I needed a couple of days to myself and I loved every millisecond of it. 

And the best bit?  It was missing my babes and longing to cuddle and hang out with them again once they came home on Sunday.  Yes, that was the weekend I needed to get back on track.