I'm gettin' it going on, you guys!  Self-care and I are starting to become rather well acquainted.  The kids have had another sleep-over with their grandparents and I intentionally kept the day and evening commitment free.  This all ties in with that 'learning' thing to which I've been referring (especially here... and the post where I will go into detail about that is still coming.  It's coming very soon, I promise).

I shall spare you the minute-by-minute account of my Saturday, but here is where it began...



By 7am on Saturday morning, before I'd even finished getting breakfast on the table, the kids had their bags packed and ready.  Just a little bit excited, they were.

I delivered them to a warm and welcoming Nana and upon returning home after a walk with Snowy, we settled on in for some delicious home-time.  We being the cat, the dog and the human (that's me).



Here is where I share self-care 101... some incense gifted to me by my sister-in-law (let's just call her my sister shall we since her and I already consider each other as such).  These sticks were blessed by the Tibetan Buddhist Monks who teach at the South Australian Centre, Buddha House.  Their Blessing was given during a very special ceremony to commemorate Tuck.  During this time, the global network of monasteries affiliated with Buddha House were sharing prayers and chants and these were also being infused within the incense.  I'm not Buddhist but I don't think you have to be to realise the significance of such an honour.  The Monks at Tushita Meditation Centre, in Dharamsala, Northern India, actually sent my sister a letter to say they had made an offering on her behalf to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and included within the letter was a small gift from His Holiness himself.  That's pretty super exciting I reckon!  To think that His Holiness the Dalai Lama sent out prayers to Tuck and for us, his family.  Wow!

Autumn seems to be fast-tracking straight into winter for us this year and the weekend was cold and wet.  It was time to bunker down with all the trimmings...



Homemade hearty winter soup gifted to me by my sister (biological sister this time), served with yummy sourdough bread brushed with olive oil, garlic and a sprinkle of Celtic Sea salt.  Yep, I'm getting good at this self-care thing.



Dance like no one is watching... well, there really was no one watching so I danced my ars* (a**) off.  The playlist for the day was filled with the vinyl above, plus a little Ben Folds and Iron & Wine from my iTunes collection.  I like to mix it up.

And then on Sunday, there was the homecoming of two loved-up babes and I was gifted with these...



I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how my weekend turned out.  How was yours?