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Please note that ALL images within this post are copyright to India Flint
 who is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dream weavers I have ever encountered.

Recently, my friend Laurie of Odd Bird Studio introduced me to the work of India Flint.  The moment I read through India's website, was the moment a new love affair began.

Through our blogging conversations, Laurie mentioned how she thought India Flint was based in Australia and as I was so enchanted by India's work, I immediately began hunting her website to find out whereabouts within our land Down Under she was located.  I'm more comfortable with the term 'curious' instead of 'stalker' so let's not be too concerned about my motivations just yet -  especially when you learn what I found out! 

Not only does India live in my homeland, but her farm is right here in South Australia!  Oh stop, no I'm not about to go sifting through her rubbish bin and stealing her mail.  But seriously now, what are the chances!?!  I don't know where her farm is and I don't need to know because I've now been in touch with India and will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop of hers some time next year (2015)!  The class will be held at the most gorgeous shop located in a nearby Adelaide Hills town with the dates to be confirmed.  I'm so excited and yes, you can be sure I'll share all the glorious details here.

Whilst clicking around on India's site I was led to her blog, Prophet of Bloom where I learned all about a project she is organising.  With her permission, I am delighted to share a few details here.  It's called Solace and in a nutshell it is;

"The notion of a collective impromptu poem, recorded on cloth, to sing in the winds"

Solace is a global project and participation is open to anyone, anywhere.  Your involvement is super simple and will only cost you the price of a stamp.

For more information on how to be a part of this beauty, click here and share the love of this ripple effect.

In-Joy friends!