Soaking it up


We just had the most sensational weekend!  The sun was shining and full of the kind of warmth that comes in early summer.  Mother Nature turned it on in all her glory and we bathed in the outdoors. 

A couple of weeks ago I was needing to make up a batch of bench top spray (that post is coming) which gave a perfect excuse to pull out the popsicle mold and squeeze the juice from a pile of oranges.  The winter oranges won't be around much longer and after the growers were hit hard by some frost, the prediction is for a limited summer supply.  'Make hay while the sun shines' they say, so I got busy and squeezed enough for a dozen iceblocks and now have two huge jars of peel soaking in vinegar tucked away in the pantry.  I'm glad I had those iceblocks ready to go because that's just what we had over the weekend.  Not all twelve, but I think I'd better pick up a few more bags of oranges anyway.



Last week I posted about spring coming with the image of a single blossom appearing on one of our trees out the back.  Well, check this out...



That, my friends, is the same tree, different branch no doubt, but one week of glorious pre-spring sunshine will do that.  How I love it.  And, not that you can hear them, but the bees were loving it too.

Oh, and guess what?  It seems we don't have to wait until my next visit to the National Park.  We had a visitor on Saturday and, although I did my best to get a clear shot, this furry guy or gal was a very long way up and I do not have a special long-focus lens for my camera.  That said, I apologise for the poor shot, but I did have to include our friendly koala in amongst my weekend highlights.  (Just click on the photo for the image to enlarge on your screen - and if it starts out pixelated, give it a sec to clear)



What did you and yours get up to over the weekend?  Are you relishing the warmer days like us, or is there a chill building and a change of hue in your leaves?  Happy change of season my friends.