Spring is coming


It's been subtle these past few weeks but a little hint has been given.  It's been enough to get me excited and counting down the logs on the wood pile.

Today, we're not quite into September yet, but spring isn't tiptoeing anymore.  It is here in all of it's warm wonderful glory!  The next couple of months will bring their usual mixed bag of warm and cold, but for the coming days of this week, we are relishing in warm clear blue skies, gentle fragrant breezes, birds singing, windows open and nights just cold enough to warrant a fire.  It brings no end to my excitement!

I'm fond of winter, really I am.  By the end of summer I long for those hearty meals, layers of woolens and snugly times by the fire, and I do savour the transitions of spring and autumn.  But I was born in the summer and it has always remained my favourite.  So, for right now friends, it's high time I got out there and began to thaw... plus, I do believe the washing might just get dry by sundown if I hang it out now.  Oh, happy days!