Summer prelude


Relax Middleton hey?  Well, okay, if you insist.  We're at the end of our spring school holidays here and in the midst of this lovely leisure time the kids and I (and Snowy too, of course) decided to take off down to the family beach house at Middleton.  Gee it's lovely there.  Certainly the gorgeous almost summer weather didn't hurt and nor did the afternoon where we met up with our friends for fish'n'chips on the beach plus a few laps with the dodgem cars - some things never get old!  There was also a day trip to another stretch of coastline along the Fleurieu Peninsula which offered us a very secluded and utterly spectacular setting, and a week-long table tennis challenge back at the house! 

So, not too many words from me today, just a whole lot of visuals instead...

ps/ knit details to come :-)