Take 2 with a different crew

Hedge Trimmers.jpg

I'm finally coming through with the action shots from the working bee.  "Life" kind of took over last week and the busy-ness of our end of school year celebrations interrupted any chance of me getting back here until now.  But here I am, with all the action from our most recent working bee - take 2 with a different crew.  Click here for the Before shots and here for the action from our first working bee all those months ago.  Sometime in the next few days I'll show all the Afters, so pop back towards the end of the week because I know you'll be as blown away as I have been!

Consulting Over Rocks.jpg

That guy with the shovel up above is the same guy who helped me out with the 15 tonne of earth.  He's the same guy featured below (scroll down), playing foreman of the day and armed with a photocopied page from my garden plans.  He is the complete mastermind and organiser of this event that took place here and there was very little required of me except to show up on the day!  His name is Scott and there are no words to adequately describe how grateful I am to have his help and the friendship of his whole family.  Team R... you are completely amazing and to everyone who came, who gave up their Saturday and busted their butts, thank you so much!  This time around, the working crew were not old mates of Tuck's but are my dear friends and support crew from our school community.  There were some who were rallied from the other arenas of Scott's life, some of his colleagues and friends.  These were people that had never met me or my kids before and who knows whether our paths will ever cross again, but time and time again over this past year I am continually overwhelmed at how much love and kindness, and how much compassion exists out there.  If only the global media would direct a little more of it's focus and energy upon that, who knows what wonderful ripple effect may be created.

All Hands On Deck.jpg
Pitch Fork.jpg
Follow The Line.jpg
On The Job.jpg
Foreman For The Day.jpg

That's Scott!

East Garden Team.jpg
Almost Done.jpg

Prepare to be amazed by the Afters... they're coming soon!