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Ah the waiting-game!  The anticipation is always so exciting and just like my kids on Christmas Eve, I've been bouncing up and down watching for each day's post.  I may have even been somewhat stalking my mailbox, so eager for the delivery of an international parcel.  A parcel of the printed kind.

Yesterday, finally, at long last and at the tail-end of the Christmas rush, it arrived.  Or they arrived.  One subscriber copy of Taproot - the magazine for makers, doers and dreamers and one, wait for it... are you ready?  One contributor's copy!! 

Stitch & Cut
Close up Back

I have been a subscriber to Taproot since their very first issue 5 years ago, and although I eagerly await it's arrival with the shift of every season, this one holds something particularly exciting.  It's Issue 20 :: SHARE and inside those pages, from number 34 to 41 you will find an article by my dear friend Christine titled, The Power Of Handmade.  Actually, the words on page 41 with the title of Healing Stitches, although part of Christine's article,  those ones have been written by yours truly. 

Nearly twelve months ago, Christine connected an incredible group of women from all across the U.S, plus little ol' me here in OZ, and organised us to share in a sew-along project.  We worked with DIY kits from Alabama Chanin and as each of us received our panels, we began to sew one slow stitch at a time, all by hand and all with a common intention.

Weeks later, these individual panels all came together in Christine's Rhode Island lounge room where some local women from our group (not me, waaah!) continued the hand stitching to create four exquisite garments.  These were then gifted to four women as a surprise offering in hopes they would shed a little ray of love, light and support during a time when Life for these women was filled with sorrow.

Christine's article tells her personal story on why and how this project of hers came about and when Taproot's Editor, Amanda Blake Soule (AKA SouleMama) approached Christine to share her story for this issue, my sweet friend invited me to put my voice to her piece.  She felt it would compliment the very essence held within the sew-along project.  More than one person's hands stitched those garments, so she wanted more than one persons 'voice' to be 'heard' when telling the story. 

It was an absolute delight to work with Christine on this article, and in fact the whole sew-along project.  Could there be a more wonderful way to wrap up my writing year and close out 2016 than this?!  Of course, there is SO much more to this story but you'll just have to get your hands on a copy of SHARE to find out the rest.  If you are not a subscriber you can purchase a copy directly through Taproot's shop or,  for all Aussies and New Zealanders, Tassie based Spiral Garden has also received their shipment.  Taproot is published independently and is ad-free.  That's a huge double thumbs up in my book!  It's pages are full of beautiful illustrations, inspiring recipes, tutorials, craft, personal stories and so much more.  It is without question, an absolute favourite of mine and somehow it just keeps getting better and better with each issue.

We'll be celebrating the New Year tonight at our neighbours and tomorrow I'm hoping the kids will stay entertained with their projects long enough for me to start reading SHARE cover to cover.  A quick flick has me plotting ways to steal a few moments today even ;)

I wish you all so much joy in your New Years celebrations and may your 2017 be filled with peace, blessings and laughter.  I'll see you over the other side - 2017, I can't wait!

Lots of love, friends xo