The eighteen hour date



A few days ago, Tuck and I reached our seventeen year mark!!!  Not our wedding anniversary, we're only seven years into that, but ten years before our marriage was when we met and began dating.  So, a few days back was the anniversary of when we became a couple.  Seventeen years folks!  I'm pretty proud of that and I think that's a milestone definitely worth celebrating.  When we met it was through mutual friends and I was a fresh youngster of twenty one.  Tuck was twenty three and he claims he knew from that very first night.  Maybe that's true, he is a pretty rare species this guy of mine, but for me it took a tiny bit longer before I was ready to admit to myself, more than anyone else, that I was in it for the long haul.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy I didn't run away because he's a keeper this one.  He's a true blue, good, kind, honest, hard working Aussie bloke.  I got lucky! 



In celebration we organised a date night, but not just any date night, this was of the sleepover variety.  First, a little background for you, my friends.  Before last night, Evie and Noah have only ever had one other sleepover and that was again at their Nana and PawPaw's house (where they spent last night) and that was two nights before we were heading to Thailand for a one month visit back in April this year.  The 'child free' time was spent packing and organising and I'm not entirely sure Tuck and I spent even one hour of it hanging out together.  But that was quite fine because oh my goodness, really, who cared, we were headed to Thailand!  For a whole month! Which, just as a side note, was an incredible adventure for all four of us!  We could almost call last night their first sleepover since it was definitely a more official break for this Mum and Dad.  Added to that piece of background is the fact that, due to many different reasons, our last date night was a loooong while ago and we were feeling the need for some quality time out.



I'm going to spare you most of the details since, well, what happens on date night, stays on date night.  But with the evening unplanned, it kicked off with both of us lounging at home and a conversation a little along the lines of... "what do you wanna do tonight?" followed by the response, "If I don't get off the couch in the next ten minutes, I'm going to fall asleep."  Yep, we both agreed to that.

Eight minutes later we were out the door and on our way to collect the salt 'n' pepper squid we had just ordered to take down to the beach for an impromptu picnic.  The picnic never happened.  We were both too hungry and ate the squid in the car on the way, and let's be honest, salt 'n' pepper squid is best eaten straight away anyway or it goes soggy.  We did get to the beach, however, and took a classic "romantic" walk along the shore just as the sun kissed the horizon.  And, guess what?  We talked!  Uninterrupted conversation.  It was heaven.  Oh, and we took a selfie.



I think another date night is in order very soon.


In case your wishing to comment, the fancy new update hasn't fixed the issue as it was more an interface upgrade.  Tech support assured me the engineers are still on it but it will most likely take a bit longer since they have no idea what's causing it.  I tell you what... I'm going to host a little cyber shin-dig when we can all get chatting again.