Things friends do


Someone commented to me recently… “geez you don’t mess around.  You know how to get things done!”

And although in some ways they are right, I am not an idle person and I do like to act pretty quickly once I've made up my mind.  Mostly, however, it is more a case of things coming together by way of serendipity.

It starts with a friendly conversation, then one thing leads to another and before I know it, the job is done!  Take this recent occurrence.

Little more than two weeks ago, I put the call out to a couple of Tuck’s mates to say I was full of enthusiasm and ready to tackle faze two of THE TANK.  Yes, one glance at this page will tell you why I choose to use shouty capitals.  The following Saturday those boys came around and continued to remove the rubble that had remained since the working bee last May.  Another five cubic metres worth!  And the need for a submersible pump since despite the tarp, some of the winter rain still managed to collect.  Those two boys, by the way, are Tuck’s best friends from childhood and were among the teeny tiny cluster of fifteen super duper special guests at our “immediate family only” wedding.  Say that run-on sentence ten times fast!  Seriously we actually pulled off getting married with only fifteen guests and I have three sisters and three brother-in-laws - that's nearly half our guests right there!  It was wonderful and just the style we wanted.  But getting back on topic…

Dingo at work.jpg

Those two boys (boys can be forty years of age, can't they?) cleared the rubble and with it gone, I was left with a gaping gigantic pit in my backyard.  That’s when the action really took hold.  A brief throw away conversation with the Dad of one of Evie’s school friends got me thinking about getting my hands on some clean fill.  Then lo-and-behold that very night a post popped up on our beloved “Community Page” from a guy named Mick who was digging up his driveway and did anyone want him to pass by their place with a load or two before he continued on to wherever and paid dumping fees.  I stuck my hand up for fifteen tonnes worth and a couple of days later I had that fifteen tonne sitting in my driveway.  The next morning my mate from school (the Dad of Evie’s friend) came with the dingo (digger) I had arranged from the local hire shop.  I did the school run for our kids while he got stuck into it and by the time we were home from school at the end of the day, the job was done, dingo digger returned, driveway cleaned and some minor prep work already in place for the next project!

Snowy in the dirt

What can I say?  For one thing, I am filled with joy.  I am relieved to have closure on that EPIC job.  But mostly I am SO SO SO amazed and grateful towards the people by which I am surrounded.  This community we are a part of are true team players and I am feeling pretty darn blessed!

Oh and stay tuned because this school Dad is even less idle than I and has already set in motion the makings for another working bee.  I showed him our garden design plans and with a determined and definitive nod, this is what he said…

“I have skills, I know people, and I can make that happen.  What date suits you?” 

Squeeek, happy days!

Job done.jpg
Level Ground.jpg

ps/ that photo above with me and the dingo digger?  It's for real!  No way was I missing out!  Gee it takes some focus though... the one pair of hands has to hold the handles, while the middle fingers and index fingers are working two separate levers with four different commands and simultaneously each thumb is operating it's own lever.  It demands focus from both left and right side of the brain and pulls you right into the present moment.  It was seriously challenging but such fun when you actually managed to coordinate it all.  Rest assured I handed it back to the master operator after one lap.  I thought reversing down hill in the mud, whilst turning a tight bend was perhaps testing my newbie skills a little too far!