Today's the day


I have been looking forward to this for the last two weeks.  That's about how long I've been 'live' in this wonderful space.  Indeed, seventeen days ago I set sail on my blogging journey and until now I had left a small 'teaser' over on my A Little Tour Inside page.  Ha, nope, I'm not linking it in there just yet.  You have to read on for that...

Well it's a true joy for me to announce that, today is the day!  So, please come and knock on the door and I will welcome you inside.

Okay, in this case, you have to click on the photo, but that's almost as good as knocking.

Just a quick update before you do... I am assured that the technical glitch with our "comments" area will be resolved soon, but it stands to remain for today's post.  You are most welcome to give it a try as it seems not everyone has been affected, otherwise, feel free to get in touch with me through email and twitter (links to both can be found at the top of the left hand column or at the bottom of the page).  Thank you so much for your patience while the techies sort it out.