Treasure hunting



It's time I confessed...

I have rather a weakness for vintage books, especially children's stories.

The thing is, I love all things 'vintage', I love books, I love a bargain, and I love a spot of treasure hunting.  So when all four of these happen to collide, well, I find it quite irresistible.  The other day we stumbled upon a trash 'n' treasure market and the moment we walked in I became a googly-eyed fish swimming helplessly towards the lure.  Right at the entrance were three trestle tables laden with books.  Not all were vintage, but all were secondhand and my beacon immediately honed in on the two boxes overflowing with well loved, tattered and dog-eared covers with those discoloured pages and telltale illustrations from a bygone era.



A little fingering through and then I walked away a short time later with these delightful reads.  Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge I am familiar with but the other two we are yet to discover what stories lie within their pages.  One flick through was all I needed to be certain that they looked too good to pass up.

Have you found any treasures lately that you were unable to pass up?  Please do go ahead and give the comments a try.  I am still awaiting a final word from the techies, but the 'glitch' seems to be only affecting some people depending on the internet server used.  If you have been unable to leave a comment all this time, I am so sorry. Hang in there with me, surely it can't take them much longer to figure it out (?).  And if you are new here, the 'glitch' that I am referring to will not harm your computer, it is merely an issue behind the scenes on my end.