Tripping to the tropics



Our bags are packed and the house-sitter arrives tomorrow.  In the morning the three of us will join my Mum on a plane destined for the tropics!  Some time spent soaking up the sun back in our old stomping ground on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland).  It's an area I love and one that I miss but even with some of our most special friends living there, I still wouldn't give up our little urban homestead we now call home.

This time away will hold much, I am sure.  There will be plenty of walks and ice cream and beach frolics, plus late night chats with friends filled with laughter and tears.  It's the place where Tuck and I got married and our children were born, so with that a flood of memories will come.  We will be celebrating my boy's fifth birthday while we are there and the days before shall note our six month mark.  There is a mix of emotions going on.  Six months since Tuck's accident feels big, it feels like a milestone of sorts. 

We'll be in good hands.  My Mum and our dear friends will see to that.

I'm going to be away from this space while we are gone.  A little mid-year bloggers break.  But, come August I'll be back and full of stories to share (and photos, you know there will be lots of those) about our trip to the tropics.

I can't wait.  Enjoy the rest of July, my friends!